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Sports: Broken by Glory – 25.09.2022 – Espiritu Fitness Center, San Juan (Puerto Rico)

The Espiritu Fitness Center worked like the small Gallic village on 09/25/22 – except that the opponent was the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, which had hit Puerto Rico. A great wrestling event had been put together and carried out against all odds and the Luchadores and Espiritu once again battled it out in the hearts of grateful fans worldwide.

Interview: Valak

Valak – or should we call him Balam? – is a Puerto Rican wrestler who is still looking for his place. In LAWE he had a brief but enjoyable debut at the legendary Summerfest, and after that you could see him at the live events and TV recordings Adrenalina, where he desperately tried to convince […]

Sports: Master Series – 28.08.2022 – Espiritu Fitness Center, San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Negro Navarro, when this name appeared on social media, the hearts of wrestling fans beat  faster. At least those who already knew the Mexican and thus usually looked further beyond the horizon of large acting promotions and appreciate a certain old school. Once you knew that Espiritu Pro Wrestling Dojo had invited a true legend […]

Musik: Monster Wolf – Monster Massacre Live

Monster Wolf, never heard of? This may be due to the fact that the hardcore band is still largely unknown and is only known to a somewhat smaller circle. The band formed around the professional wrestler Mecha Wolf 450 (John Yurnet), who is known to a wider audience through his facepaint – very fitting to […]


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