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About us

Music is something that touches, accompanies, is there, carries you. For some, music is religion and the best friend, confidante, loyal soul in life and a way to express or process one’s feelings. But there is not just the mainstream that is on the radio every day, there is more. Look left and right, look down, because there are many other projects and (still) small bands that also make good music. We are very happy to support such bands in order to make them better known and to honor their work. There is a silent agreement between them and us: the musicians give us their music, we give them a little bit of attention, advertising, a good word, a (constructive) criticism. Of course, the “big” bands are not left out either. Books kidnap, immerse yourself in strange worlds and times, make you cry or laugh … They can plunge you into the depths and carry you into the sky and let you escape from everything. Authors are not great when they are number 1 on the bestseller list. Authors are great when their books are touching, when the reader likes the book. It’s different for everyone and that’s a good thing. Indie writers are also good, have talent and have great ideas that they can share with us. They deserve as much attention as a publishing house bestseller – sometimes considerably more.

This webzine is small, nice and runs alongside our normal professions: We write about what comes before us or that we are made aware of. This is the English version with rough English translations.

If you have any wishes or suggestions, contact us. Write a short comment or an email to stage-reptiles (at), tell us which band we should keep an eye on, which book is really great – or not. You can also add us to your press mailing list. If you are a writer or musician and would like to see your advertising here, would like to offer us review copies or are ready for a band introduction or an interview: Just write to us!

It is important to say: Just because we received a review copy from you or you wrote us very, that is no guarantee that we will lift you to heaven. We act independently here and write honest reviews, which we also distribute on other channels. If something is not liked, we will explain it. If there is still a need for discussion afterwards, get in touch, let’s talk about it.


  • have been writing about books, bands and music for various webzines for years
  • emotional reviews! A book / album / concert has to touch me, I capture the mood
  • professions: theologian, from the PR industry, social media manager, office manager and market researcher
  • (Almost) every concert has three elements: forgetting the time, the participation part, the goose bumps moment – I hate concerts and still like to go there. Musicians need challenges – and I’m the one who never claps or cheers, unless the moment is gigantic (and musicians hates me for that 🙂 )
  • All time favourites: Motörhead, the one and only Lemmy \\m//, Hermann Hesse, Jeff Hardy, Dr. Martin Luther.


  • obsessed with music … there is no other way to describe me
  • 26 years disc jockey, most likely at home in rock
  • Vinyl junkie … almost 13,000 vinyl LPs speak for themselves, there is nothing like analog.
  • formerly a recreational musician
  • Concert affinity – experienced more than 1,500 concerts as a fan, roadie, musician, photographer
  • Bookworm … without books (no e-books) nothing works for me. I need the paper version in my hand.