Valak – or should we call him Balam? – is a Puerto Rican wrestler who is still looking for his place. In LAWE he had a brief but enjoyable debut at the legendary Summerfest, and after that you could see him at the live events and TV recordings Adrenalina, where he desperately tried to convince interim president Dennis Rivera about himself. The latter showed great talent in overlooking, ignoring and forgetting names and unceremoniously named the masked wrestler Balam. As is well known, LAWE is currently in a deep crisis, which is why it has also become quiet around Valak. But the wrestler has a lot to tell and has been around a lot outside of wrestling. What connects Valak with Germany, why he would like to be here longer and what he thinks about Rammstein, you can read in our interview.

SR: Who is Valak?
Valak: Valak is a conglomerate of many stations of my life within the struggle, he is the one who dares to do what the one under the mask would not do.

SR: When did you start wrestling?
Valak: My history goes back to late 2001, early 2002.

SR: Why did you start?
Valak: When I was 3 years old, wrestling caught my attention and I dreamed of being a fighter.

SR: Who was your favorite wrestler as a kid?
Valak: There are many from Puerto Rico, the Invaders and Technicians, after some time it was Chicky Starr and Texas Hangmen and almost all the Rudos. But from the WWF (now WWE) it was Bret Hitman Hart and Chris Benoit (RIP).

SR: Your favorite wrestler today?
Valak: The ones from today have all quit, Triple H, Dean Malenk, William Regal, Eddie Guerrero (RIP), oh and L.A. Park.

SR: What do you think was your best match so far?
Valak: Well, since Valak was born, I worked on my first fight for LAWE. It was the first match in LAWE history, a dark match against Jon Justice.

SR: What are you most proud of?
Valak: Despite all the setbacks and the ill will of many, I am still standing.

SR: Dead or alive: who is your dream opponent?
Valak: Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero (RIP)

SR: What do you want to accomplish?
Valak: Keep my name in mind and look to the fans.

SR: If you could have any musician or band: Who should compose your entrance song?
Valak: Slipknot or Rammstein.

SR: Best music for training?
Valak: 80’s rock, metal

SR: Saddest / most disappointing moment of your career?
Valak: When I broke my forearm.

SR: Meet your younger self: what advice would you give him?
Valak: Avoid certain people, dare more and follow your dreams.

SR: A fun fact about you? A fun fact about you?
Valak: I don’t know. They tell me I’m a clown because they say even when I’m in pain, I can’t stop laughing.

SR: Is there a story behind your ring name?
Valak: Well, I like the paranormal and it’s the name of a demon (I’m not a Satanist or anything), but I wanted to call myself El Demonion Valak because that’s what I want to become in the ring: a wrestling demon.

SR: You once told me that you would like to visit Germany. Why and what exactly?
Valak: Well, I’m a lover of architecture and I want to learn about cultures, just like I love bratwurst and sauerkraut and beer.

SR: What about entering La Anexion or CPR and returning to LAWE?
Valak: Well, La Anexion no longer exists. Let’s wait and see if Mr. Rivera will give me a chance to have at least one more fight.

SR: What are your plans for the future?
Valak: To do everything I can to return to LAWE and stay, independently have the opportunity to visit some countries to fight and learn at the same time.

SR: What tip would you give to someone who wants to wrestle?
Valak: That he should change his attitude. Hahaha that he needs to eat wrestling, breathe wrestling, drink wrestling, that he never knows enough and that he eats his weights. That if he doesn’t respect the business/sport, he better stay a fan.

SR: Last words?
Valak: Support wrestling. Not the companies, but wrestling in general. Attend events, it’s much better live. I hope to meet your country soon and that you can meet Demon Valak!

Thank you very much!

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